Research&Write seminar

Research&Write seminar

Research&Write seminar

The seminar is dedicated to the life, pain, and joy of researchers and their research. At the seminar meetings, we discuss how research is structured, why and how we write academic papers, what role theories and methods play in that process, what stumbling blocks currently exist in academic worlds, and how they can be overcome. We invite both the Shaninka residents and researchers from other institutions to attend the seminar.

Why are these topics so important?

Firstly, there are many different approaches to research, and when we work with only one of them, it’s important to check our boundaries, reflect, and clarify what we are doing. You can do it alone or you can, and probably should, discuss it with other people. Without such reflection, it’s difficult to understand why we do research at all and why we learn to do it, who needs our conclusions, what the form of the research process has to do with its content. And who are ‘we’? Do all researchers belong to one group? What do they/we have in common?

Secondly, it only seems like all research is similar, clear, and equal. Even as students, we could already see that there were conflicts, junctions, and disparate approaches. But we never really talk about it in any format. Sometimes, such issues are put under the ‘methodical reflection’ category and someone writes articles about them. In order to better navigate certain problems and issues before they become a ‘sore subject’, we suggest discussing them now.


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