The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) conducts research covering a wide spectrum of fundamental and applied objectives in the field of social sciences and humanities.

The School develops research projects in sociology, law, psychology, cultural studies, contemporary urban folkloristics, history, political science, political philosophy, urban studies, media management, and education management.

Since 1994, MSSES has been hosting the annual international interdisciplinary symposium “What is Russia Heading For?” (renamed “Paths of Russia” in 2004) at Teodor Shanin and Tatyana Zaslavskaya’s initiative. The symposium established itself as one of the leading expert platforms for conceptualising Russian history in the interdisciplinary and temporal context.

Starting from 2004, the annual international conference “Trends in Education Development” has been the platform for discussing current issues in education development on regional, national, and international levels.

The School devotes great attention to the organisation of student research. In particular, MSSES students and graduates act as coordinators and research associates in international academic projects and conferences. They also gain research skills and experience under the guidance of leading teachers and scholars.

The young scholars’ conference “Vectors of Russia’s Development” is a significant phenomenon in the School’s student academic life. The conference focuses on exploring current trends in social sciences and humanities. Papers produced by young scholars are published in collections of articles and academic periodicals every year.

Since 2018, MSSES has been hosting the annual contest for the best Master’s theses among the alumni to develop and bolster their academic potential. A prerequisite for contest winners is that the key findings of their theses must be published in leading academic publications included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission or in publications indexed in Web of Science, Scopus or as a chapter in the collective monograph.

Research centres

Research seminars

  • Chayanov Seminar
  • Identity Politics Seminar
  • Religious Studies Seminar
  • Seminar on Intellectual History
  • Research&Write Seminar