The academic year 2020 has started in a new environment imposing new requirements on the entire School community to take care of each other. To avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus and be able to attend classes and communicate offline, you are kindly requested to:
  • Wear a facemask;
  • Keep social distance;
  • Wash your hands regularly and use a hand sanitizer (available in campus lavatories);
  • Use a special container to dispose of facemasks and gloves at campus lavatories.
  • Meals should be eaten in specially designated areas or in a cafe on the first floor of the campus

We check the cleanliness and regularly ventilate our facilities. We have installed an air cleaner in the library, created sufficient distance between workplaces, and arranged a designated eating area outside the library reading room. Also, the reception area is equipped with a non-contact infrared thermometer and a hand sanitizer. Please measure your body temperature when entering the library.

To minimize risks, we kindly request Shaninka residents to minimize their stay in the library and take books home. To make a reservation, please email your request to In your request specify the title and author of the book. Please check the book availability using the electronic catalog. Remember that you can borrow up to three books at a time. You are requested to pick up your reservation within 24 hours otherwise we will return the books to the shelves.
The library is available for students, lecturers, staff, and graduates of the Moscow School. The library collection embraces the best books on social sciences and general human knowledge in English and Russian. The collection of books is regularly updated: books for the library are carefully selected by deans of faculties and heads of training programs to address requests made by lecturers and students and also to follow current trends. In addition, the library subscriptions cover a number of printed and electronic magazines.

The library is a nice space suitable for both intensive individual studies and for live communication with peers. It is equipped with everything you need for your work: computers, printers, Wi-Fi, comfortable tables and chairs that can be rearranged, and, of course, multiple power sockets.

The reception desk separates the reading hall from the relaxation area, where you can take your meals, talk on the phone or chat with friends. The library staff is always ready to help, answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.


Our mission is to create and maintain a comfortable working environment, to act as a navigator in the information flow and support academic processes, by, inter alia, initiating discussions on issues relevant to present day researchers. Three Key Pillars of Our Philosophy
1. Invisible Librarian
Students, staff, teachers, and graduates of the Moscow School can freely use books and magazines in the library without intermediaries and bureaucratic procedures. You can find any book in the library yourself, without asking our librarians for help.
2. Importance of the Community
The Moscow School Library is a space for like-minded people making their own paths in the world of academic research. We strive to maintain a comfortable working environment for our readers and therefore reserve the right to regulate visits to the library by students from other institutions.
3. Feedback Value
Our library exists thanks to and for the sake of our readers. We are here for you and always appreciate your questions, requests and recommendations:

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Article 13 of Federal Law No. 114-FZ, dated 25.07.2002 On Combating Extremist Activity, paragraph 7 of the Regulation on the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No.1313, dated 13.10.2004, the Ministry of Justice of Russia is authorized to maintain, publish, and upload the Federal List of Extremist Materials to the Internet. Information materials are recognized as extremist by the Federal Court at the place of their discovery, distribution or location of the organization that produced such materials, in line with the prosecutor's presentation or in the course of proceedings on the relevant case of an administrative offense, civil or criminal case. The Federal List of Extremist Materials is generated based on copies of court decisions that have entered into legal force recognizing materials as extremist as recognized by the Russian Ministry of Justice. At the same time, names and individualizing features of information materials are included into the Federal List of Extremist Materials in strict accordance with the operative provisions of the court decision. Appeals against court decisions recognizing information materials as extremist shall be carried out in the manner prescribed by the laws of the Russian Federation. The laws of the Russian Federation establish responsibility for the mass distribution of extremist materials included in the published Federal List of Extremist Materials, including their production or storage for the purpose of mass distribution. Federal List of Extremist Materials