MSSES Internationalization

Helping our students to become a truly global professionals and developing MSSES internationalization are two of the main strategic goals of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.
Whilst many Departments, Faculties, and individuals are involved in these goals supporting MSSES international ambitions, internationalizing curricula, embedding Global Professionals idea in all levels of education, and maintaining relationships with (strategic) partner universities.

Who to Contact

Academic Mobility and Global Partnership Department is the main e-mail address for all topics and questions related to MSSES International Relations, services, and support for staff and international students, including:
  • (Strategic) Partnerships and International Collaboration
  • Nominations and Exchanges
  • Virtual & Abroad Internships
  • Agents and Recruiters
  • Summer Schools / Russian Language Courses
  • Students Mobility
  • Joint Programmes / Double Degree Programs

You also may contact Seda Akopyan via