Glazychev Readings

Glazychev Readings

Glazychev Readings is a conference dedicated to the memory of Vyacheslav Glazychev, a renowned Russian scholar, public figure, urbanist, and researcher of Russian cities who has devoted his life to studying the functional issues of social systems, urban communities, and urban environment. Glazychev Readings has been held in MSSES since June 2013.

Glazychev Readings 2020

Glazychev Readings 2020 focuses on the subject of urban research. As obvious and clear as that phrase may be, it is the issues of studying urban spaces and urban life (starting with the collection of information and methods of its analysis and ending with findings and summary) that often hinder the implementation of successful projects and launch of transformation processes.

On 5 June, 2020 the traditional urbanist conference “Glazychev Readings” was held online.

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History of the conference

  • Glazychev Readings 2020: urban research
  • Glazychev Readings 2019: resources for developing small territories
  • Glazychev Readings 2018: digital strategies for managing an urban space