Student's Union

The Student’s Union of bachelors and masters the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences has not existed for a long time, but it is actively trying to develop its unique identity and implement various initiatives within the walls of the Moscow School, hold events new for MSSES

Currently, the following departments are working in MSSES:
  • Study support: help from one student to another to solve educational issues, 
  • International: searching and networking with foreign partners, 
  • Event: organization and holding public events, supporting student’s initiatives, 
  • Administrative: communication with the School administration, receiving and processing requests, questions and problems from students, 
  • Media: maintaining social networks of the Union, informing about its activities.

If you need any support, you have a problem, a request, an offer, a request to publish something on the pages of the Union, or maybe a curse - please, write to the Union's mail or to the chatbot in telegram @msses_su_bot.

If you have faced difficulties while writing an essay, the educational process or you want to get any advice from senior colleagues, feel free to write to the Study support department.

The Student’s Union actively supports student’s initiatives and promotes their implementation within the walls of MSSES. The Union organizes events for the School with the support of the Community Centre. For example, the Oasis event has become an annual event for first-year students, at which recent applicants, and now already MSSES students can communicate with the MSSES administration, teachers and Student Union, and also become friends with their future classmates. In addition, there is the Halloween themed quest, New Year's Eve party, which is held in close cooperation with our Library, and an intellectual competition “What? Where? When?" among bachelors, masters, alumni and employees of the School. This list will gradually be replenished with new, unique, MSSES events.

We should also mention the activities and initiatives of the school students:

  • Masters give readings on various topics: political philosophy, social theory, posthumanism texts, case studies;
  • Chinese Language Club. If you are learning Chinese and you would like more practice, turn your attention to the Chinese language club. Classes are held with native speakers twice a month on Sundays.

The Student’s Union on social media:
Instagram and telegram

chatbot in telegram: @msses_su_bot