Community Centre

MSSES community has always been strong and valuable. Throughout the entire existence of the school, students from different faculties and programs were able to be friends and cooperate.
The Community Centre was created in order to support the students and alumni community, organize extracurricular life, to solve problems promptly and establish communication between faculties, MSSES departments, and each other.

Areas of work:
  • Supporting of the Moscow School Student’s Union activities 
  •  Coordinating the alumni community and supporting initiatives 
  •  Communication with students and help with prompt problem solving 
  •  Creation, coordination and support of joint school-wide events and initiatives for MSSES student’s networking 
  •  Coordination in holding the conference "Vectors of modern Russia development"

Current projects

1. School-wide activities in cooperation with the Moscow School Student’s Union: an intellectual competition “What? Where? When?”, Halloween-themed quest, New Year's Eve party and others.

2. MSSES CUP. It is a game where school alumni of different years and faculties become acquainted for a cup of coffee. The MSSES alumni community is growing from year to year, but most of them are acquainted only with their class, even the group. Send us an application for participation and meet new interesting interlocutors from other professional fields, get inspired, remember school times for a cup of coffee with a random alumnus of the School.

3. MSSES Share. There are professional experience exchange initiatives, exchanging ideas, knowledge, and discussion of partnership stories between alumni. The formats can vary lectures, discussions, consultations, seminars.

If you want to share knowledge and receive it within the alumni community, invite alumni to exchange project ideas, brainstorms – please, fill in the form or write to

4. Paying a visit: collective trips to MSSES students and many other things.

If you want to invite students and alumni, to take a tour of the exhibition, of a museum house, maybe even a factory, and also want to invite us to a film or theatre play, reading, or laboratory, write us an email at

You can follow the life of the community center on our website, as well as on social media: 

  • Alumni MSSES. Alumni Club on Facebook MSSES
  • Student’s Union on Instagram and Telegram
  • MSSES Library on Facebook and Telegram

If you have any ideas, advice, questions, wishes or you need help in these areas, feel free to send letters to Daria Aksyonova, MSSES community manager, to