Participating in the community life

Participating in the community life

In this section, we have collected initiatives designed to unite the MSSES alumni community and help their professional development and implementation.
Many of you are acquainted only with your class, but the MSSES community is more than 3000 people. We were thinking it would be great to introduce alumni of the school of different years and faculties to each other and created several initiatives:


MSSES.Cup is (un)expected meetings between MSSES alumni for a cup of coffee. The point of the meetings is to acquaint MSSES alumni of different years and faculties for a cup of coffee. Send an application for participation and meet new interesting interlocutors from other professional fields, be inspired, remember school times for a cup of coffee with random alumni of the School.

How does MSSES.Cup game work? Every two months we announce (un)expected coffee between alumni. Apply for participation and we will find you coffee companion(s) from among those who have declared their desire to participate. Then you determine the day and place of the meeting by yourself and drink coffee. An application form.


MSSES.Share is an exchange of professional experience between alumni in the format of short public speeches. If you want to share your knowledge and experience with other alumni, please write to or fill in the form.

Paying a visit

"Paying a visit" are collective trips to MSSES residents who work in museums, galleries and other cultural institutions (and not only). If you would like to take a tour for alumni and tell them about your place of work, please write to

New Year in MSSES

New Year in MSSES is a traditional MSSES family holiday, where everyone has fun in their own way, but together. The date will be announced later, but we are already waiting for you.
новый год 2.jpg

Research & Write

Research & Write is a seminar for researchers. At the meetings we discuss how research is organized, why and how scientific texts are written, what role theories and methods play, where conflicts are in modern scientific worlds and how they are solved. The seminar will be organized by Polina Kolozaridi, a graduate of the Sociology Faculty.

Sharing ecology

The school develops a direction related to the popularization of environmental knowledge and initiatives. We invite alumni with experience in projects and initiatives related to sustainable development, sharingeconomy, the ecology of culture, to exchange experiences. If you want to share your experience and knowledge in this area, write an email to

To support the school:

- take the school students for internships (if you are ready to accept interns, write to
- donate books from wish list to the library
- hold a presentation of MSSES educational programs at your institution (write to
- share the history of school enrollment on your pages in social networks with #MyMSSES or #MSSESHappensToYou

Join the alumni community group on Facebook to stay tuned, share information about your initiatives, and find like-minded people.

If you want to hold seminars, lectures, workshops at school, invite MSSES residents to an excursion, tell your story, leave a review, and also offer cooperation or some project ideas, please write to