Teodor Shanin


Teodor Shanin, OBE, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Manchester University, President of MSSES

E-mail: shanin@universitas.ru
Telephones: (w)+7-4954347282 
Addresses: 119571, Moscow, prospect Vernadskogo, 82, bld 2 (work)

Curriculum Vitae

Born 29 October 1930, Wilno, Poland (now Lithuania, Vilnius)

  • 1941 exiled with mother to Siberia (father imprisoned elsewhere)
  • 1942-46 after general amnesty of ex-Polish citizen moved to Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  • 1946-7 Lodze, Poland
  • 1948 moved to Israel to volunteer for the War of Independence/the Naqba (served in 6 Commando Batallion, PALMACH)
  • 1949-51 College of Social Work, Jerusalem University, Israel
  • 1952-64 career in social work (criminal youth, hospital Beer-Yakov, MALBEN, Ministry of Labour rehabilitation center, Israel)
  • 1959-64 parallel return to studies: Department of Sociology, Jerusalem University, Israel
  • 1964-6 PhD studies, University of Birmingham, UK
  • 1966-71 lecturer at Sheffield University, UK
  • 1969 PhD granted (University of Birmingham)
  • 1970 naturalized - receiving citizenship of UK
  • 1971-3 Reader at University of Haifa, Israel
  • 1973-4 Fellow at St Anthony’s College, Oxford University, UK
  • 1974-88 Professor of Sociology, Manchester University, UK
  • 1988-92 while at the University of Manchester, extensive research program in Russia
  • Elected Foreign Fellow of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • 1995-2007 initiator and Rector of Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences
  • 2002 received OBE (“for extraordinary achievements in development of higher education in Russia”)
  • 2007- to date President of Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences


Books and readers

  • Peasants and Peasant Societies, - 1971, seven reprints and translations into Spanish, Persian, Malaisian, etc.
  • The Awkward Class: Political Sociology of Peasantry in a Developing Society: Russia 1910-1925, - 1972
  • The Rules of the Game: Models in Contemporary Scholarly Thought, - 1972
  • Introduction to Sociology of the Developing Societies (co-authored with Hamza Alavi), - 1983
  • Late Marx and the Russian Road: Marx and the Peripheries of Capitalism, - 1984
  • Russia as a 'Developing Society' (The Roots of Otherness, Vol 1), - 1985
  • Russia 1905-7: Revolution as a Moment of Truth (The Roots of Otherness, Vol 2), - 1986
  • Defining Peasants, - 1990
  • Антоновщина (The Antonov's Rebellion in Tambov 1920), co-authored with Viktor Danilov etc., - 1994
  • Неформальная Экономика России и Мира (The Informal Economy: Russia and the World), - 1999
  • Рефлексивное Крестьяноведение (The Reflexive Peasant Studies), co-authored with Victor Danilov and Alexander Nikoulin, - 2002
  • Отцы и Дети: Поколенческая История (Fathers and Sons: Generational History), co-authored with Yuri Levada, - 2005
  • Нестор Махно: Крестьянское Движение на Украине (Nestor Makhno: The Peasant Rebellion in Ukraine), co-authored with Viktor Danilov and Viktor Kondrashin, - 2006
More than 100 papers published in academic journals and specified within the full-scope CV published in Russian.