Political Studies and Data Analysis

Political Studies and Data Analysis

Specialisation: 41.03.06 Public Policy and Social Sciences

Form of study: full-time
Term: 4 years

Cost of tuition in 2023: 360,000 rub./year 

Discounts for the first year of study in 2023: 
In order to receive a tuition discount, the student needs to have a certain total score for all of the entrance exams (including points for individual achievements)
30% – 250 points and more
10% – full payment for the first year of study when enrolling
Politics, like many other areas of our lives, is undergoing radical changes. Data on citizens, organizations, and states are being collected in real-time; archives are being digitized and made publicly available; management decisions are made based on reliable information and its analysis; social networks and new digital media are becoming a key element of collective civic action - these examples illustrate how deeply digital transformation has affected politics and governance, among other areas of our lives, and show the scale of the challenges facing modern specialists. Competence in political science must go hand in hand with digital literacy, proficiency in quantitative data analysis methods, and the ability to work with large amounts of information - numbers, texts, videos, photos, and maps.

The programme responds to these challenges of our time and aims to prepare specialists who will be well-versed in current politics and complex ways of working with open data on politics. We emphasize the analytical and research component, offer extensive language training, and follow international standards in teaching and assessment so that our graduates are in demand both in the Russian and international labor markets.
All of our classes are held in seminar form. This means that the classroom becomes a place of creative dialogue and free discussion, rather than a dreary amphitheater where everyone, both the teacher and the students, fulfills their hour-and-a-half duty, struggling with boredom and sleepiness. The seminar turns the classroom into a space of individual responsibility - making students work hard at home, requiring them to hone their argumentation skills and be sensitive to other people's ideas, work with data and interpret it.
Stanislav Kozheurov, Head of the Programme

Content of the programme

The program consists of two consecutive stages of education: in the first year, students study basic disciplines that lay the foundation for their further professional training ("English language", "Writing and Critical Thinking", "Computer Science", "Economics"), and in the second to fourth years, they focus on the professional sphere.

"Data Analysis in Social Sciences" is a cross-disciplinary course from the first to the fourth year. Students start with learning the R programming language and mathematical analysis, then move on to the basics of regression analysis and causal inference, and after that, they study methods of analyzing qualitative data and designing field research.
At MSSES, you will not only meet professionals ready to discuss any issue with you on equal terms. You will also understand what is important and interesting for you in the company of like-minded people. It is pleasant to come to ShANiNKA not only on study days because there - there are your friends and everything you need to have a great and useful time.
Alina Petrova, Manager of the Programme


Our students study in the campus in the very centre of Moscow. Modern library, comfortable coworking, open classrooms, a computer room, a café, and a space for recreation and communication – everything you need for pleasant and productive learning.

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