Management in the Creative Arts

Management in the Creative Arts

The Programme prepares specialists in cultural project management and creative economy. Program graduates deal with cultural markets, contemporary lifestyle standards, quality of cultural products and services, advanced forms of cultural life and activity in cities and communities.

Head of the Program

Olga Remnyova is a PhD in Cultural Studies, art historian, curator, specialist in art & science, developer of educational programs, founder and curator of the Culture of the Future laboratory.

Content of the Programme:

  • Relevant knowledge related to human sciences - history, visual arts, philosophy of culture.
  • Managerial (administrative) competencies embracing development management, innovative practices, non-standard management decision-making: cultural policy and strategic management, fundamentals of economics and financial management, project management, creative management.
  • Foundations of cultural entrepreneurship, enabling graduates to work in contemporary cultural and creative industries environment.

Elective courses are grouped around four main topics:

  1. Urban development
  2. New media
  3. Contemporary cultural practices
  4. Cultural heritage management

Practical Studies

Practical studies in leading cultural institutions in Moscow and a significant number of practice-oriented courses available in the program of each academic year help our graduates start their professional activities immediately after graduation.

We regularly review our course content, to make it relevant and current for the benefit of our students. For these reasons, course modules may be updated, please contact us for the latest information.
In Shaninka we have an open “lecture – student” communication. At our university we have no lectures at all, classes are seminars, discussions. Then there are high requirements to academic progress. It creates a competitive environment, and it is very cool to be a part of it. And finally, here we have interesting disciplines. Every time I come to the classes, I learn something new, just every day! You can easily see that all lecturers are very prepared people: it will surely take time when they will not be able to teach us anything new, as it happens sometimes in Russian universities.
Mika Lipman, student of the Creative Project Management Program

Program Benefits:

  1. UK Bachelor Degree programmes comply with the UK educational standard and are combined with the best traditions of Russian education.
  2. Some disciplines are taught in English;
  3. Annual international internships and summer schools (language and professional schools);
  4. Compulsory study of two foreign languages starting from the first year;
  5. Flexible customized academic programs;
  6. Access to a unique library;
  7. Student accommodation in the on-campus hotel and residential complex.
  8. All courses are taught by practicing professionals engaged in cultural management, which allows students to get involved in project activities.
  9. In-depth study of present-day cultural processes to predict how they will develop.
  10. Acquaintance with the main cultural institutions and venues in Moscow.

International Internships

International language and professional internships, and summer schools in the UK and other European countries are available for our students:
- Language courses at Coventry University;
- Language courses in the country of the second studied language (France, Germany, Spain, China, etc., after the second year of study);
- Professional internships at Coventry University.

Alumni Career Paths

  • State and private cultural institutions (museums, theaters, art galleries, libraries);
  • Commercial companies specializing in creative industries (media, advertising, publishing, fashion, design, printing, tourism);
  • Performing and visual arts projects and festivals
  • Service companies (proving services related to tourism, leisure, organization of cultural urban space);
  • Promoting independent cultural projects in the public and private areas.
  • Social, socially responsible business and charity organizations (grant management)

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