Chayanov Research Centre

Chayanov Research Centre

The Chayanov Research Centre is a research division of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, established in 2019 with support from the Presidential Grants Foundation. The centre aims to collect, study, and popularise the academic heritage of Alexander Chayanov and his school’s scholars.

Head of the Centre: Alexander Nikulin

The organisation-production school for Russian agrarian economists is considered one of the pinnacles of 20th-century Russian and world scientific thought. The ideas of A. V. Chayanov as well as A. N. Chelintsev, N. P. Makarov, B. D. Brutskus, A. A. Rybnikov, A. N. Minin, G. A. Studensky, and a number of their colleagues have contributed greatly to the development of the economic theory and applied agrarian sciences of their time along with a considerable number of strands of theoretical sociology and anthropology that formed in the 1960s and continue developing today.

Chayanov Research Centre’s goals and objectives:
  • to collect information about the life and work of Chayanov school’s scholars, actualise the bibliography of their works as well as research papers on them (in every language), digitise the documents, and create an electronic archive, the materials from which will be available on the Centre’s website;
  • to hold open lectures, seminars, and roundtables devoted to the memory and exploration of the A. V. Chayanov organisation-production school’s intellectual heritage for students and specialists in Moscow universities as well as universities in other Russian cities;
  • to conduct field studies (interviews, participant observation, methods from visual sociology, comparative case studies) in selected regions using the Chayanov school’s scientific approaches and form recommendations on sustainable development of Russia’s rural regions on that basis.

The Centre’s website

Chayanov Research Seminar

Ivan Peshkov’s lecture “Peasants in Evgeny Yashnov’s Historiosophy”

Ivan Peshkov - Head of the Center for Central Asian Studies in Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.
Peter Lindner’s lecture “Molecular Politics, Wearables, and the Aretaic Shift in Biopolitical Governance”

Peter Lindner - Social Geography Professor at the Goethe University Frankfurt