Natalia Abramova on management in the fashion industry

Natalia Abramova on management in the fashion industry

Fashion is one of the most influential spheres of life, which daily dictates new trends from the pages of glossy magazines, advertising posters and on the Internet in the modern world. The rapid development of the fashion industry leads to even tougher competition and the desire to meet the highest standards dictated by modern realities. The fashion industry involves solving various tasks and the need to control all the processes that ensure its productive work. The fashion world needs highly qualified specialists who possess all the necessary competencies and are able to make effective decisions.

The Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences and the School of Public Policy and Management of the RANEPA Institute for Social Sciences are launching the bachelor's degree program "Management in the Fashion Industry". A French business school – American Business School of Paris, and the largest clothing manufacturer in Central and Eastern Europe, LPP SA (Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp and Sinsay) in Russia will be the program partners.

Natalia Abramova — Program Manager, Director of the School of Public Policy and Management, ISS RANEPA.

We discussed the features of the new bachelor's degree program with Natalia Abramova, the head of "Management in the Fashion industry".

— Natalia, what is the reason for opening a new program on such an interesting topic? Is there really a high demand for specialists in this field today?

— Fashion is a global phenomenon, which is a reflection of the level of society`s social and economic development throughout the history of mankind. Fashion shapes tastes and allows not only to emphasize social status but also to satisfy aesthetic needs.

The fashion industry is expanding every year, and the global clothing market is already measured in trillions of dollars. According to experts' forecasts, this market will grow rapidly and transform in the coming decades, which means that the demand for qualified personnel will be increasing.

Increased interest on the part of employers who the ISS School of Public Policy and Management cooperates with, as well as demand from applicants led to the opening the "Management in the fashion industry" program.

— What is the structure of this program?

— The program is practice-oriented and combines unique author's courses and interesting internships and practices in the companies leading in the industry.

It is important for us that students who will study on the program get all the necessary management skills and immerse themselves in the specifics of different segments of the fashion industry from the mass market to luxury.

In the first year, our students master basic disciplines such as economics, mathematics, strategic management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and others. Next, they begin to study the profile ones – operational management in the fashion industry, digital technology and omnichannel nature in the fashion industry, sales management and merchandising, brand management and many others.

As I said earlier, the practical component of the program is its important advantage. So, to date, the School has signed a contract with LPP SA in Russia, known for the Reserved, Mohito, House, Cropp and Sinsay brands. Practical experience will allow our students to see the work of the industry from the inside.

— What opportunities and prospects do this program offer to students?

— The fashion industry is an integral part of the global economy, so the main goal of the program is to integrate students into the international professional community already at the training stage. In addition to international internships, students have the opportunity to get a second degree by going to Paris, the capital of world fashion, in the fourth year of their studies. As part of the two-degree program with American Business School of Paris, students will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, as well as an internship with key fashion industry players in France.

— Who will teach the program?

— We have assembled an interesting team, inviting experts from fashion houses, fashion retailers, fashion magazines, as well as marketing and consulting agencies.

— What students are you waiting for in the "Management in the fashion industry" program?

— We will be happy to welcome ambitious and creative students who want to build a successful career in the fashion industry to our program.

Now your hobby can become a profession! We are waiting for you at the most fashionable program of RANEPA and MSSESS!