Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) was founded by William E. Butler, professor of University College London (UCL) in 1995.

The Faculty delivers Master Degree and professional retraining programs. Since 1995, the Faculty's program has been validated by the University of Manchester, UK; the Faculty graduates are awarded the University of Manchester Ll.M diplomas.

The overall educational process complies with the UK higher education system requirements instructing to submit written reports, conduct anonymous verification of course papers, provide freedom to choose courses and customize educational programs.

The program is focused on comprehensive study of the most relevant legal science disciplines, considering requirements of the present-day Russian market of legal education. The Master of Laws Degree program is distinguished by its prominent comparative law researches and supranational approach to legal institutions and structures.

Details of Education Process

  • Customized training programs: students choose disciplines from a long list of courses.
  • All program courses are authentic. The Faculty’s lecturers are holders of a doctorate or master's degrees from UK and US universities, academic staff and retired judges of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, renowned scientists and experts, chief editors of leading legal publications.
  • Training is conducted in the evenings from 7 pm through 10 pm, thus combining studies with work is possible.
  • The most appropriate and high-profile cases are discussed in the classroom. All classes are designed as seminars and discussions, which helps to gain new knowledge, learn to support one’s point of view and look at the same things from a different perspective. The most relevant interpretations of essential knowledge, interpretation of the most pressing issues and the search for the most suitable solutions. These features help students learn how to give justify their opinion and see a super-task.
  • The focus of the educational program on comparative law researches allows us to understand the supranational and universal approaches of different jurisdictions, to see Russia’s place in the international environment. This helps to think comprehensively at a level of scientific generalizations and expand the horizon of how the law is understood.
  • The result of each course is a written course paper, i.e. an academic essay. All course papers are assessed anonymously by several lecturers, which ensures assessment objectivity and a comprehensive feedback.
  • Students have the opportunity to regularly attend lectures given by foreign academics and experts. For example, the education program is delivered by lawyers and judges from the US due to the Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg.
  • An internship at the European Law School, Maastricht University is available for our students.
  • Students master their academic English and Legal English, essential for professional communication and academic researches.
  • A democratic environment where students communicate with teachers during discussions and receive advice from the best experts. Students become part of a professional community made up of respected experts.
  • Graduates receive Russian Master Degree diplomas and the UK Master Degree from the University of Manchester, UK.
  • The Faculty’s lecturers are acknowledged scholars and experts, holders of a doctorate or master's degrees from UK and US universities, chief editors of leading legal publications.

The Dean of the Faculty Dmitry Dozhdev, Professor, Doctor of Law. Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law. Arbitrator of the Russian Arbitration Court.

Faculty Partners

  • University of Manchester, UK
  • University of Turin is a recognized leader of legal science in Italy (joint PhD program)
  • Center for Comparative Law, University of Rome-3 (joint academic activities)
  • Center for International Legal Studies in Salzburg (special courses delivered by US lawyers)
  • Russian Arbitration Center, Institute of Commercial Arbitration (library access)
  • European Law School, Maastricht University (students internship)


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