Vision & Internationalization Strategy

The mission of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) is to innovate the education system of Russia and to nurture next generation of global leaders in the fields of social and economic sciences.

MSSES project was conceived to transfer the experience accumulated by the “western” universities to Russia after a period of isolation and elimination of a part of Russia’s academic elite. The question was how to do it without simply outright copying the western universities in the differing conditions of Russia. The main idea is to create an experimental international university to serve as vehicles for sensible integration of international experience and as the inception of the process of training new university teachers. It was suggested to start with just one partnership as a laboratory for promoting the programme. The decision was made in favor of British education and that is how collaboration with the University of Manchester started. 3 undergraduate and 10 graduate programs were successfully validated by University of Manchester since 1996. More than 1000 professionals graduated with unique theoretical and practical skills, which were confirmed by the interest of the best Russian companies and government for recruitment of our graduates at the stage of studying. For example, currently, most of the Ministry of Culture in Moscow employees are MSSES alumni. We see the same situation in the local authorities from a different part of Russia.

One of the most important focuses of teachers and employees is turning the MSSES into a model for education development – a “firing range” for testing innovations that could be used in higher education throughout Russia.

Our main aim is to bring together the best-specialized programs and practices from the well-known Universities into one. Offer the unique educational programs with the same degree as partner University and lower living expenses and tuitions which will allow students to focus on their studies.

The first stage of MSSES project will be successfully finished with the first bachelor degree students graduation in 2018 and currently, we are searching for new ways of thinking, programs and unique educational offers from foreign Universities to implement in Russian educational system through collaboration with the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.