European tradition of private law

European tradition of private law

Direction: 40.03.01 Jurisprudence
Entrance tests: social studies, foreign language, Russian
Form of study: full-time
Duration: 4 years
Basis: contract
Budget seats: none
Issued documents on education: Diploma with a bachelor's degree, by MSSES sample
Deferral from the army service: none

About the program

The program specializes in private law, which is valid in Russia and around the world — as a universal and permanent (everywhere and always) phenomenon of public life. For an in-depth study of private law, students will master the methods of comparative law, as well as learn the European languages in which the main literature on private law is written — German and Italian.

Program Manager

Dmitry Dozhdev is the Dean of the Faculty of Law of MSSES, Head of the Department of the Russian School of Private Law, Doctor of Law, Professor.
The sphere of law in our country is characterized by incredible variability. The true stability, which is not just the basis, but is present in the legal regulation everywhere is the Roman law. This is a historical constant that has a beautiful name today ― the European tradition of private law, and this is the name of our program. It is naive to believe that the Roman law is outdated and no one needs it. Everything is exactly the opposite: modern law is characterized by unreasonableness, fluidity and variability. Its volatility is such that it is impossible to learn anything, and it is simply impossible to remember. The Roman law is not forgotten and makes any innovations and changes transparent and understandable.
Dmitry Dozhdev, Program Manager

Program content

The program consists of two cycles.

In the 1-2 years, students master the language of the European legal tradition: they study the basics of civil law and procedure, the Roman law, and the history of law.

In the 3-4 years, students will have a deep acquaintance with the institutes of private law, including under the guidance of German and Italian specialists.

The program pays considerable attention to working with legal texts, instills the skill of interpreting and commenting on normative acts and court decisions develops techniques for analyzing current institutions and structures in a comparative legal way, generalizing judicial practice, preparing analytical, review, technical conclusions and recommendations, and writing procedural documents.

Key courses

  • Civil law
  • Civil procedure
  • History of law in Europe
  • Comparative private law
  • Private international law
  • International Commercial Arbitration


The school organizes practical training: after the 2nd course, the practice is introductory; after the 3rd – it is production one. Practice takes place in various law firms in Moscow.

The student has the right to find a place of practice independently, in this case, the School will count it.

Besides, the student can credit their work in a law firm, as well as participation in gaming lawsuits and conferences on law for the practice.

Teachers of the program

The teachers of the program are well-known civilists. The program will be attended by teachers of the Faculty of Law of MSSES, as well as specialists from Moscow State University, HSE, Moscow State Law University, MGIMO, Private Law Research Center, Institute of State and Law RAS.

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