Program format: Russian Master's Degree Program
Duration: 2 years
Field of study: 42.04.05 Media Communications
Price: available in spring 2021
Documents issued:
 - Master's degree in the field of "Media Communications" of MSSES

About the program

The program trains professional journalists who are confident in the socio-political agenda, who are able not only to write complex high-quality journalistic articles and edit texts, but also to conduct investigations, work with databases, promote texts, interact with the audience and research media.

The program is designed for those who dream of "perfect journalism". This is journalism for intelligent and reflective people who want to gain the skills of an analytical approach to reality and tools that will help describe this reality, including theoretical ones.
Ksenia Luchenko, Head of the Program

Who the program is intended for?

for graduates of different specialties who want to talk to the media about what is happening in their profession and strive to master the tools needed to work in media

for journalists interested in the career for which it`s necessary to better understand the socio-political context in which they exist and enhance the quality of their own texts

Program features

  • graduates will understand the sociopolitical situation and understand how human thinking works, what skills and tools can be used to analyze them.

  • program doesn`t duplicate the content of the bachelor's degree, but provides the knowledge necessary for adult professionals focusing on the development of high-quality editing skills and writing techniques.

Program content

The program consists of four blocks:

1. Courses in sociology, political science, and critical thinking.

2. Working with text: fundamentals of semiotics and philological analysis editing.

3. Journalism

  • working with databases

  • working with text haraters

  • reading metrics and interacting with the audience

  • promoting texts

4. Media studies: media research from a cultural point of view.

How training works

Training takes place in the evenings on weekdays (from 19-00 to 22-00) and in the morning on Saturdays.

Where the training takes place

The campus of the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences is located in the heart of Moscow, 300 meters from the Kremlin.

A modern library, convenient co-working, open classrooms, a computer lab, a cafe and space for relaxation and communication - everything you need for a pleasant and effective study.


Information for applicants

Entrance tests

Entrance tests are held in two stages: a portfolio competition and an interview.

Stage I

For the first stage, you need to prepare:

Motivation letter, where applicants tell about themselves and their plans and aspirations

Materials about your professional experience.

It can be:

  • folder with your publications

  • application where you propose a perfect media that you would like to read

  • plan of a series of publications in the pitching format

  • script

  • digital project plan

  • scientific articles that have been accepted for publication or already published

  • diplomas and certificates of your achievements in the field of journalism

Stage II


The commission conducting the interview includes teachers of the key disciplines of the program. The purpose of the interview is to understand what your background is and whether you will be able to effectively perceive the courses of the program.

During the interview, three sets of questions will be discussed, each of which is evaluated by a certain score.

Socio-political agenda in Russia and in the world

General cultural level, orientation in events, trends, tendencies.

Professional environment

It is necessary to show your interest in the media space and involvement in the professional environment, knowledge of the directions of media development, problems related to monetization and promotion. Tell us who you read, see, and respect.

Personal motivation

Tell us why you are going to study for the program.