Faculty of Political Science

Faculty of Political Science

The Faculty of Political Science was re-established in 2017. However, political studies have been explored in the Moscow School nearly from the day it was founded. In 1996, the first Faculty of Political Science was founded. It functioned for ten years. B.G. Kapustin, T.E. Vorozheikina, and V.S. Malakhov consecutively succeeded one another to the position of the Faculty’s Dean. This period gave rise to the key Faculty tradition, which is still being kept: being focused on academic political theory and its relevant methods rather than on “applied political science”. In 2006, the Faculty was closed, but already in 2010 the Faculty experienced its revival.

In 2012, the Faculty of Social Sciences launched the UK Master Degree program “Political Science and International Relation”. Two years later, a new program “International Politics in Cultural Context” was introduced; it was one of the two UK Bachelor Degree programs initiated by Shanin. In 2014, the first students were enrolled to Master Degree Program in political philosophy introduced by T.V. Vaiser and G.B. Yudin. Thus, a whole bunch of programs related to political science was generated within the framework of the larger faculty.

The goal of the program is to help students understand contemporary international relations from the point of view of current political theory. The core discipline is the Theory of International Relations.

In 2017 they made a logical and justified decision to combine all three programs into a separate faculty. The Faculty of Political Science was restored.

Faculty Team

The Faculty unites people of different generations, who share their own unique experience and mindsets. Professor V.S. Malakhov, representing the academic staff of the old Faculty, proceed with their work. Yet, the new team is represented by the new generation of the Shaninka alumni, including A.M. Vafin, S.A. Kozheurov, M.E. Simon, and G.B. Yudin. Other Faculty staff members are N.A. Abdullaev, Harvard graduate, and Andrey Oleinikov, acknowledged expert in the philosophy of history, who and has been heading the Faculty Department of Political and Legal Studies since 2018. D.O. Aronson, T.M. Atnashev, I.B. Budraitskis, K.B. Bulish, M.B. Velizhev, M.S. Gamaley, V.K. Gerasimov, A.V. Gumensky, S.V. Demidenko, T.A. Dmitriev, A.V. Zaritsky, Yu.L. Kiseleva, G.S. Klimova, A.D. Kumankov, D.E. Letnyakov, A.V. Marey, M.Yu. Nemtsev, E.E. Savitsky, A.S. Titkov, S.V. Utkin, D.O. Khlevnyuk and others cooperate with the Faculty programs.

Academic Researches

Academic researches conducted at the Faculty cover several key areas directly related to political theory. Firstly, they cover a package of researches concerning cultural diversity, mass migration, and intercultural communication in the present-day world which are carried out jointly with V.S. Malakhov’s Center for Theoretical and Applied Political Science at the RANEPA Institute of Social Sciences. Secondly, G.B. Yudin initiated and took the lead of the research activities related to global problems of our time, i.e. inequality, democracy, and security. The third important area covered by the researches are contemporary theories of international relations.


The list of  valuable international partners, along with the University of Manchester, which still validates all the essential programs of the Faculty, includes the University of Coventry (Great Britain), the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and the Institute of Slavic Studies at Dresden University of Technical (Germany). The main areas of international cooperation are organization of summer schools, student exchanges and visits of lecturers, joint research projects, and new double degree programs.

Future Plans

The long-term plans of the Faculty include the development of existing and introduction of new Bachelor and Master Degree programs. Another important area is related to the development of a system of short-term professional retraining courses, including distance learning. A program for leaders of local communities implemented jointly with the Faculty of Social and Cultural Project Management is expected to be the pilot project. Finally, long-term development plans anticipate the introduction of our own program for Ph.D. students.

Our goal is to create a present-day faculty focused on the best achievements of academic science and university teaching practice. We are the youngest and fastest-growing faculty in Russia, which offers the best world-class educational products related to political science. Our mission is to promote the distribution of high-quality present-day academic knowledge associated with politics in Russia and the rest of the world.


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