Ilya Budraitskis

MA in History
Political Philosophy

Courses taught
Introduсtion to Critical Theory
Academic Degrees and Qualifications
MA in History, University of Russian Academy of Education , 2009
Research areas
Political Theory
Intellectual history
Cultural Studies
I study political theory and intellectual history with the special emphasis on historical transformations and controversies of political traditions such as conservatism and socialism. I teach social theory in Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, theory of culture in Moscow Institute for Contemporary Arts and also contribute to several magazines and newspapers, such as Colta and Moscow Art Magazine. Currently, I am co-editing a special issue of the journal on the perspectives of the leftist politics internationally and in Russia.
“Earning for the state: the political strategy of “Moscow Actionism” in the 1990’s”/ Writings on Art and Theory of Post-1989 Central and Eastern Europe: A Critical Anthology, MoMA, New York, 2018(forthcoming)

“Order in disorder: Revolution against the state becomes but a page in its history”/Radical philosophy. Issue 2.01 (February 2018)

Dissidents among dissidents. (Collection of essays). FMP Publications, Moscow, 2017

“Contradictions in Russian Cultural Politics: Conservatism as an Instrument of Neoliberalism”/ The Art of Civil Action. Political Space and Cultural Dissent. Valiz, Amsterdam, 2017

Semper in motu: marxism and metaphore of the “old mole”/ Sociology of power. #2(2016)

“The Weakest Link of Managed Democracy: How the Parliament Gave Birth
to Non-parliamentary Politics” - /South Atlantic Quarterly. Against the Day. Volume 113, Nr. 1, winter 2014

“Intelligencia as a style” /Moscow Art Magazine. English Digest 2007-2013. 2014

“Unmögliche umwälzungen Staatsgewalt und “Extremismus” in Russland” // Transit. Europaische revue. Winter 2011/2012 Nr.42

“The Cultural Revolution Betrayed: Bolshevism and Culture from Lenin to Stalin” // Catalogue of the exhibition ‘Fighting for the Banner. Soviet Art between Trotsky and Stalin 1926-1936’ (edited by Ekaterina Degot). Moscow, 2008.

Corporations in Russia and the Revival of Unions / Neprikosnovenny Zapas. 2006. Nr. 4-5.