Greg Yudin

PhD in Philosophy
Professor, Head of MA Program in Political Philosophy
Political Philosophy


Professor, Head of MA Program in Political Philosophy

Courses taught

Theories of Democracy

Public Opinion

Academic Degrees and Qualifications

PhD in Philosophy, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 2012

MA in Sociology, University of Manchester, 2005

BA & MA in Sociology, Higher School of Economics, Moscow, 2004-2006

Research areas

Public Opinion and Democracy

Political Theory

Economic Sociology & Anthropology

Epistemology of Social Science


I study political theory of representation with the special emphasis on public opinion polls as a technology of representation and governance in contemporary politics. I teach political philosophy and social theory in Moscow at Higher School of Economics and Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, and also contribute to several major Russian newspapers, such as Vedomosti and Republic. Currently, I am co-editing a special issue of the journal The Public on Russian public sphere.


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