Evgeniy Savitskiy

PhD in History
Political Philosophy



Courses taught

Orientalism and Postcolonial Studies

Academic Degrees and Qualifications

PhD in History, Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 2006

Research areas

Postcolonial Studies

Colonial and Imperial Histories, late 19th – 20th century

20th Century Cultural History

History of Historiography

Intellectual History


since 2014 – senior researcher at the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

since 2006 – lecturer at the Russian State University for Humanities (RGGU), Department of Cultural History and Theory, Moscow

2001-2004 – postgraduate student at the Georg August Universität Göttingen

1995-2000 – undergraduate student at the Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU), Moscow


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