Dmitriev Timofey

Ph.D. in Philosophy
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
International Politics

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Philosophy (2004, Institute of Philosophy Of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
M. A. in Philosophy (1994, Moscow State Lomonosow University, Department of Philosophy)

Short Career Resume

  • 2006-present - Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, State University — High School of Economics, Department of Philosophy (Moscow, Russia)
  • 2004—2007 — Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (Moscow, Russia)
  • 2001—2008 — Research Fellow, Institute of Philosophy (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow)
  • 1996—2006 — Lecturer in Philosophy, State University of Humanities / Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)
  • 2000—2003 — Senior Lecturer in Philosophy / Russian People’s Friendship University (Moscow).
  • 1998—1999 — Lecturer in Philosophy / Russian People’s Friendship University (Moscow, Russia).

Research Interests

  • Classical Political Philosophy
  • Twentieth-Century Political Theory
  • History of Modern European Philosophy
  • Analytical Philosophy of Language and Action
  • Pragmatical Tradition in American Philosophy

Selected Relevant Publications

1. Timofey Dmitriev (2010). “The Wars of the XXI Century”. Socrates, 2 (forthcoming).
2. Timofey Dmitriev (2009). “Leo Strauss” in Irina Blauberg and Irina Vdovina (eds.), Twentieth-Century Philosophers. Vol. 3. (Moscow: Art—XXI Century Publishers), pp. 314–335 [in Russian]. 
3. Timofey Dmitriev (2009). “Antonio Gramsci” in Vitaly Kurennoy (ed.), History and Theory of Intelligentsia and Intellectuals (Moscow: Eurasia Heritage), pp. 207-228.
4. Timofey Dmitriev (2009). “Classic and The History of Political Philosophy: The Case of Leo Strauss”, in Irina Savelyeva and Andrey Poletayev (eds.), Classic and Classics in the social and human studies. (Moscow: New Literary Review), pp. 155-180.
5. Timofey Dmitriev (2009). “Raymond Aron”, “Daniel Bell”, “Isayah Berlin”, “John Dewey”, “Communitarism”, “Libertarianism”, “Alasdair MacIntyre”, “Political Philosophy”, “Power”, “Rational Choice Theory”, “Leo Strauss”, in Vladimir Malachov, Vladimir Filatov, Otfried Hoeffe (eds.). Contemporary Western Philosophy: A Dictionary (Moscow: Cultural Revolution Publishers, 2009), pp. 17-20, 48-52, 126-129, 212-214, 219, 223-224, 298-299.
6. Timofey Dmitriev (2008). Socrates and Plato, Philosophy or Politics? (The Hannah Arendt’s Views on the Nature and the History of Political Philosophy)’. The History of Philosophy, vol. 13, pp. 141-152.
7. Timofey Dmitriev (2007). Theory of Partisan Yesterday and Today, in Schmitt, Carl. Theory of Partisan, transl. From German. (Moscow: Praxis Publishers), pp. 203-300.