Опубликован сборник тезисов "Psychological Counselling in Russia and in the UK" по итогам стажировки студентов факультета практической психологии Шанинки в Манчестере


Группа из 7 студентов выпускного курса факультета практической психологии и двух молодых преподавателей разместила на портале www.ssrn.com англоязычный сборник тезисов о психологическом консультировании в Британии и России. Идея сборника появилась в ходе прошлогодней стажировки наших студентов в Манчестерском университете.

Master program in Psychological counselling of Moscow School for Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) is a uniq program which was created in a strong collaboration with the University of Manchester. This is the only program in Russia, where trainees get Master degree acknowledged both in British and Russian educational systems.
Being a trainee of this program means getting strong command in both research and practical skills, one of its main principles is "learning from doing". Meeting British standards of psychological counselling professional is impossible without deep understanding of functioning of psychological educational programs and counselling practice in Britain. In order to fulfill this requirement, Russian students visit The University of Manchester where they take part in the study process of the Psychological counselling Doctorate program. As a result of this international practice students become able to make a comparative analysis of psychological practice in Russia and in Britain, underline strong features and weaknesses in both systems and make implications for their future study and career.
This paper contains several sections, following a certain logic. First, the differences and similarities in teaching counselling and providing psychological help for the citizens in Russia and Britain are discussed. Than some attention to the most popular therapeutic approaches in the two countries is paid, as well as to peculiarities of career support for students in the UK and opportunities which Russia can use in this field. One of Russian practitioners shares his experience of working with kids and adolescents in a municipal center for psychological help. Remaining sections are dedicated to discussing specific features of counselling process: role of critical thinking, assessment and formulation, and to the evaluation of effectiveness of one of the most widespread therapeutic approaches, as well as its application to treatment of complicated grief.

Keywords: psychological counselling, educational programs in counselling in Russia and in the UK, CBT, provision of psychological help


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