Лекция "Media Magic" пройдет в Медиалофте 17 марта

12809916_1064926360237348_964305692_o.jpgЛектор: Paul Hillery - Official Records Editing Section at the United Nations Secretariat. Author of the course on Media Literacy: or reading between the lines (Saint Petersburg's Institute of Foreign Languages, University of Mainz's Johannes Gutenberg Institute). Lecturer at City College of New York, the New School for Social Research, etc.

Media is a fabrication of the fabulous. There is Magic, in a real sense and magic in terms of smoke and illusions – tricks to fool you. There used to be an understood distinction between the facts of objective journalism and illusions of editorials or opinion pieces. That has disappeared like a poof of smoke. I'll let others speak of theories, methodology, terminology –isms and ologies. Trying to understand life without either Magic is like the person who breaks a mirror and looks at the pieces trying to see what mechanism makes it work.

Место проведения: Пречистенская наб., д.11, корп.1, Медиалофт
Время проведения: 17 марта (чт), 19:00

Лекция пройдет в рамках совместного с Cultlook лектория "Этика медиа".
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