Irina Korotkina. Academic Writing in Russia: Evolution or revolution?

Ирина Короткина, заведующая кафедрой английского языка МВШСЭН.

The aim of this working paper is to give a personal, first-hand account of the recent changes in the attitude towards academic writing in Russia. The idea of the paper emerged from two schools conducted by US experts in Russia in 2013, which made the author focus on the American rather than European approach to writing. More comprehensive research in the field is definitely vital, but it will take time. Still, as issues of academic writing are rapidly gaining a momentum among Russian policymakers, educators, teachers and publishers, the author thinks it important to inform international colleagues, both those in Eastern Europe who might encounter similar problems, and those in Western universities who consider providing professional support and promote academic writing in Russia, about some cultural and methodological impediments faced by pioneers of academic writing in this country.

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