Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation (The Charitable Foundation For Cultural Initiatives) was established in 2004 on the initiative of businessman Mikhail Prokhorov – becoming the first charitable organisation in Russia to have a regional strategy for its work. This choice of strategy is notable for the fact that the Foundation develops a separate exclusive program for each Region, which factors in the historical, economic and cultural characteristics of the area in question. Success is determined for the most part by setting feasible goals, and centering efforts and resources on specific areas enables the Foundation to achieve the most tangible results. The Foundation similarly focuses on carrying out Russian Federal projects and international projects which are aimed at including Russian culture within a world context.
The Foundation's activities have been recognised with a number of significant awards. These include the Zolotaya Maska ('Golden Mask') awards “For Support of the Theatre in Russia” (2010), the Innovation Award “For Support For Modern Art in Russia” (2013), the Theatregoer's Star Award in the category “Philanthropist Of The Year” (2013), the Award "Baltic Star" for tha support of culture (2015).