Acceptance to Shaninka: 5 good news


1. Moving to the center of Moscow
MSSES (Shaninka) students will study in a new building on Gazetny Lane (Okhotny Ryad metro station - 5 minutes to the Red square). Library, coworking, meeting rooms, cafe, lounge zones - in the new building will be everything that is necessary for productive study and communication.

2. Budget and Grants
In 2018 Shaninka is accepting students with full scholarships. Documents are accepted until 20 August. Scholarships are available for Russian taught master degree programs:
  • Psychological counseling
  • Project management
  • Fashion industry: theory and practice
  • Fundamental Sociology
  • Comparative and international private law
  • Legal support of asset management
  • The history of Soviet civilization (Grant Teodora Shanina)
  • International politics (Grant Teodora Shanina)
A complete list of all programs is available in the Admission Guide.

3. New joint programs
Shaninka and the Institute for Social Sciences of the RANEPA open 9 joint Russian-taught programs: "Psychological counseling", "Project management in the socio-cultural sphere", "Management in the field of fashion and design: theory and practice", "Territory development and environmental design", "Legal support for asset management "," Comparative and international private law, "" International politics, "" Political philosophy, "" History of Soviet civilization: the economy, society, culture. "
These programs will combine the best practices of the two universities and will allow graduates to receive a state master's degree diploma of the RANEPA, a diploma of the MSSES of professional retraining and a diploma from the University of Manchester, UK. Documents are accepted until 13 August.

4. Partial Scholarships (Discounts)
New joint programs in collaboration with ISS of the RANEPA offer students partial scholarships ( discounts) upon their results of entrance examinations: those who receive 150 to 200 points of the Russian Unified State Exam receive a discount of 75%; Those who gain from 120 to 149 points receive a 50% discount; a result from 110 to 119 points will lead to 25% discount.

5. Grants
The Faculty of Management of Socio-Cultural Projects and the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation open a competition of grants for training under the Russian professional retraining programs and the British Master's program Cultural Management and Urban Studies. The grant covers the cost of the foreign internship. In addition, this year the competition expanded geography: applications are accepted from applicants from the Central, Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts of Russian Federation, as well as Moscow and the Moscow region. Deadline of acceptance of applications until 20 August.