Rector Zuev’s comments regarding the denial of accreditation for activities in the field of higher education

зуев.jpgDear friends and colleagues!

Today the «Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science» (Rosobrnadzor) issued an order  which denies accreditation for activities in the field of higher education to  the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.

Let me explain right away that the denial of accreditation does not mean  suspension of educational activities, but points out the discrepancy between the State Educational Standards (SES) and actual education programs run by a particular education institution,  as  seen by the Accreditation Commission. The denial of accreditation does not mean revoking the License to provide education, and therefore we  will continue to  develop our University, certainly taking into account the critical remarks  we received during the  accreditation audit.

At the same time, the decision of  Rosobrnadzor commission should undoubtedly become a subject of careful analysis and further meaningful discussion - both in our own circle and possibly, with the makers of the above-mentioned decision.

For our part,  we believe  that our School's educational programs meet the highest quality standards. This has been proved by more than twenty years of the School's existence, cooperation with the best Russian and foreign universities, including those  in the top 50 of the world’s educational rankings. This is also confirmed by our successful graduates, among whom there are well-known scholars, public figures, prominent names in culture,  and administrators who occupy top positions in the system of public administration.

In the current situation, we must specially emphasize that the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (Shaninka) meets and will continue to meet all obligations to its students - both continuing their education and those who are joining us in the new academic year. Thanks to a well-established system of partnerships, all our programs will function fully, and all necessary resources will be made available as usual.

In the near future we will hold meetings of  the programs’ managers with their students, where we will give detailed explanations of the current situation.

I also address our graduates who are concerned about the current situation, and I suggest that we meet sometime soon to get your  advice on the best action plan. And I sincerely thank you, my colleagues and friends, for  expressing your concerns and empathy.

I would like to stress once again that the School does not stop educational activities, however, we will be happy to receive advice and support from our friends and colleagues.

Sergey Zuev, Rector of the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences