Counseling Faculty 

Taught in Russian

The main teaching disciplines of the Counseling Faculty focus on: society within the family and as a group, personality and character, business, and national culture. It gives significant attention to human capital assets, management engineering, counseling methods and psychotherapy. Non-residents who successfully pass the acceptance tests study at this faculty at no charge as their tuition is sponsored by charity funds.

The main aim of the program is training specialists with internationally recognized Masters of Arts in Counseling in the spheres of HR management, corporate psychology, individual and family counseling. This course is the only Russian counseling program officially recognized by the British leading university – the University of Manchester (UK). According to British standards, the Master degree is awarded to the specialists who are successful both in practical skills (namely the counseling itself) development and in research work.

The ultimate aim of the program is to train a new generation of experts who would be able to work in a wide range of positions: from psychological counselor and manager to the chief of the HR department in business and state companies and within private counseling practices. The program could also be highly useful for those preparing to defend Ph.D. in Psychology and Social Sciences

The program is aimed at professional psychologists who are willing to devote themselves to their practice or to individual counseling, as well as people without any psychological education who are offered introductory courses in schools and methods of psychology in addition to general curriculum.

Moreover, after successful completion of the course, graduates have a possibility to continue their studies within the British PhD program.

In order to gain a Master’s degree, program participants should successfully complete their individual curriculum consisting of 6 or more courses, and prepare their Master’s thesis.

You may view the subjects of Master theses of previous years here.

The academic activity dwells on the basis of two main specializations:

  • · Corporate Psychology and HR Management (headed by E. Morgunov, PhD in Psychology)
  • · Individual and family counseling (headed by B. Shapiro, Cand. Sc. [Psychology])

The curriculum composition allows every participant to get an overview of all these schools while simultaneously choosing to specialize in one of them with the individual curriculum composed depending on the chosen courses and term of apprenticeship. According to the curriculum, the participant attends classes and writes essays and examinations. The essay itself is a report on course work with the given student’s position.

The sphere of specialization defines the sphere of further profession and career growth. All the participants are also being trained for research work and have the opportunity to take part in Russian, international, educational and research projects.

The core of the staff is represented by professors who have completed internships in British universities, and practicing counselors with sound experience in every sphere of counseling.

14 Reasons to Enter Counseling Program:

1. Due to the increasing popularity of the profession in Russia, counselors are in great demand;
2. A modern expert should establish himself not only by practicing domestically but also by international experience. That’s why during the courses our participants focus upon the latest scientific breakthroughs, latest international periodicals, and updated databases of foreign articles;
3. Understanding of psychological mechanisms and events shaping personal and family lives is the essence of the “Individual and Family Counseling” specialization. An insight into these processes contributes to counseling practice as well as to personal success in education, work, personal and family life;
4. Psychological and management mechanisms which propel state foundations and business corporations are mastered within the “Corporate Psychology and HR Management” specialization. They are necessary for everyone who is willing to further their career;
5. The program develops a very important skill—putting ideas into written form;
6. Skills and expertise gained during the course work lay the basis for an academic career;
7. The fact that Russian scientific magazines publish our students’ papers proves the high level of our participants’ work;
8. During the courses students have the opportunity to organize and carry out an international academic conference; this experience helps to understand how mass events (scientific, marketing or economic) are organized;
9. The awarding of Russian and British diplomas on course completion extends the range of possibilities for careers.
10. Our program’s offer is one of the best in Moscow in terms of the price/quality relationship;
11. The syllabus composition allows participants to study without interrupting their career;
12. During the courses, participants have occasional opportunities to listen to a lecture delivered by a foreign professor or expert which reinforces their language skills and complements the traditional English classes;
13. Non-Moscow residents study at no charge;
14. The education program is refined through regular quality control. We have a stable staff of professors and the quality of our education is time-tested.


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