Public History: historical knowledge in modern society

Taught in Russian

The aim of this MA course is to train specialists who possess the tools to conduct historic research and who are able to adapt that historic knowledge for the general public. This specialization, which is not only new for Russian universities, but also not very long ago appeared in European MA courses, takes into consideration the growing interest of mass media in history and the increasing curiosity of society about museum collections, places of historical significance, and the role of historic knowledge and education in up-to-date political and cultural fields. Those who graduate successfully will receive the MA degree (Master of Arts) from the University of Manchester (Great Britain). This degree will also be accepted in Russia.

All students will have an opportunity to study abroad at the University of Manchester, UK for half of a semester (7 weeks). All expenses associated with the studies, housing and transportation will be covered by the MSSES.

Students who successfully complete this program will receive an MA (Master of Arts) degree from the University of Manchester, UK, which is also recognized in the Russian Federation.

Program duration: 1 year
Class times: evenings, from 6:30pm to 9:30pm

Program highlights:

  • · Master interdisciplinary approaches and methods of historical research
  • · Expand scientific analysis and academic texts writing skills
  • · Improve English language skills
  • · Receive a European diploma while staying in Russia and learning in Russian
  • · Obtain the possibility of a European post-graduate education or research career abroad
  • · Attain job opportunities in foreign organizations within Russia
  • · Receive career prospects in media, publishing houses, museums, associations, foundations and private business

Academic Program Director: Andrei Leonidovich Zorin

Executive Director: Roman Konchakov

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