Fashion Studies

Taught in Russian

Head of the program: Lyudmila A. Alyabyeva, Ph.D.

nina_veresova_enciclopedia180.jpgFashion is socially a central phenomenon in the modern Western world, a key symbolic system that requires careful consideration and thoughtful analysis. Specialization "Fashion Theory" is the first in Russia educational program aimed at systematic study of fashion as an important phenomenon of modern culture.
The program focuses on the interdisciplinary study of the phenomenon of fashion as a semiotic code linking clothing, body and culture, and represents a unique fusion of theoretical disciplines and project-oriented courses (Fashion Curation, Fashion Industry, etc.), designed to develop appropriate skills for professional implementation in the field of fashion and design.

During the training there is a seminar on academic writing. The participants are able to try their hand at writing book and exhibition reviews assumed to be published in the journal "Fashion Theory: Dress, Body & Culture". One of the training projects is to prepare and implement an exhibition on the basis of one of the Moscow galleries (master's program partners).
The program also includes master-classes of fashion designers, exhibition curators, journalists of profile editions, fashion photographers and other professionals of the fashion industry.


Course program

Mandatory courses: 

• Fashion theory (56 hours). Lecture - Lyudmila Alyabieva, seminars - Ksenia Gusarova
• Fashion curation (28 hours) (Julia Demidenko)
• Fashion marketing (28 hours) (Anna Lebsak-Kleyymans)

Elective courses and special courses: • "Fashion and uniform" (Lyudmila Alyabyeva)
• "Fashion photography: approaches to research" (Olga Annanurova)
• "Semiotics of Fashion" (Olga Vainshtein)
• "Everyday clothes outside the mainstream: new practices of creation, promotion and consumption" (Linor Goralik)
• "Corporeality: History and Culture" (Ksenia Gusarova)
• "Beauty canons: sociocultural dimension" (Ksenia Gusarova)
• "Fashion and cinema" (Tatiana Dashkova)
• "Fashion and new media: strategies and practices of interaction" (Ksenia Eltsova)
• "Fashion - media - geography: the fashion space and media landscapes" (Ksenia Yeltsova)
• "The major texts on the theory of fashion: critical reading" (Ksenia Eltsova)
• "Modern trends in sensor studies" (Ekaterina Zhiritskaya)
• "Theatrical costume: history, theory and practice" (Anastasia Nefedova, Olga Nikitina)
• "Empirical study of fashion" (Galina Orlova)
• "Fashion and performance: dance, body, costume" (Irina Sirotkina)
• "Shoes in the XVIII-XX centuries: history, fashion, semantics" (Maria Terekhova)

Practices and Internships Foreign training:
• Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton, UK)

Partners and practice bases:
• Jornal "Fashion Theory: Dress, Body & Culture" (Publishing House "Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie/New Literary Observer")
• Gallery "Nagornaya" (Moscow)

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