Media Management

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Media Management

A modern media manager is a versatile, flexible professional who creates and promotes unique media or digital socially responsible projects. He/she has skills in designing, developing and producing media content, he/she can assess risks, predict market demands and act as a trend detector.

Important elements of training on the program is the synthesis of fundamental and conceptual approaches to the study of the phenomena of information and network culture and practical skills necessary for rapid and qualitative response to modern technological and social challenges.

Training of a media manager includes:

  •  Introduction to the history and theory of media;
  •  Approaches to critical understanding of modern culture;
  •  Skills of creating (trans)media and digital projects;
  •  Mastering of advanced technologies and approaches in project management;
  •  Competencies in product promotion and sales;
  •  Strategies for business communication, networking, and digital literacy.

The program involves a significant amount of practical activities: meetings and public talks with the industry leaders, workshops, master classes, workshops and other forms of participation in partner projects. After training, the graduates acquire unique skills of adaptive management of sociocultural and digital media projects and master the instruments for their design.

The faculty offers the students internships at the University of Salford (Media City, Great Britain), at the Higher School of Business, Art and Technology RISEBA (Riga, Latvia), as the part of international film festivals of the documentary, environmental, short films.

In cooperation with the MSSES, a number of graduates of the program "Media management" will be able to implement their own projects in media communications (commercial, social or cultural).

Head of the program:

Оксана Мороз.jpgOksana V. Moroz, Ph.D. in Arts, associate professor of the Department of Cultural Studies and Social Communication of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Director of Studies of the Research Bureau for Digital Humanitarian Studies "CultLook"

Partners and practice bases:

  • University of Salford (Manchester, UK)
  • Higher School of Business, Art and Technology RISEBA (Riga, Latvia)
  • Association of Cultural Managers
  • Savva Kulish Independent Experimental Center of Culture and Information
  • Research Bureau for Digital Humanitarian Studies "CultLook"

Duration and cost of training

The general term of training is 2 years:
- The first year at the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) under the program "Media Production and Management" (validated by the University of Manchester, UK);
- The second year at the Institute of Social Sciences of the RANEPA under the program "Media Management. Producing of media".
Training takes place in the evenings on weekdays (from 19-00 to 22-00) and in the morning on Saturdays. At the end of the training, the students receive a Russian Master's degree in Public Relations and the Master of Arts in Cultural Managemen

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