A contemporary media manager is an intermediary, responsible for organizing communication between different social groups and stakeholders of public activity. This professional must combine the competence of a project manager, ideologist and analyst, possessing creative thinking skills necessary for the creation of media content, development of media concepts and, most importantly, media project promotion.

The theoretical base of the program provides knowledge about the development of modern media project business models, as well as management of media projects in various spheres of social, cultural and business communications.

The practical part of the program allows students to obtain the skills necessary for producing projects in a variety of media forms: film, TV, social media, online gaming, urban navigation and much more. A key feature of the program is the mastery of basic media technologies associated with the processes of creative production.

Professional training in:

  • · On-line and off-line communication
  • · management of media projects
  • · creation of media content

The program provides a significant amount of practical training: creative workshops, internships, master classes, including specific consulting and creative projects under the guidance of leading experts.

In cooperation with MSSES, some of the program graduates will be able to start implementing their own projects (commercial, social, cultural) in the field of media.

Partners and internship centers:

  • · Savva Kulish Independent Experimental Center of Culture and Information
  • · University of Salford, Manchester, UK
  • · The Voice of America in Russia (Moscow)
  • · The Voice of America (VOA) (Washington)
  • · Foundation for Culture and Arts IKSV (Istanbul)

Program duration and cost:

Total duration of the program – 2 years

1st year at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences (MSSES) in the «Media Production and Management» program, validated by the University of Manchester, UK;

2nd year at the RAENPA School of Public Policy in the «Media Production» program or at the RANEPA Department of Real Estate Economics in the «Advertising and Media Business» program.

Total program cost – 360 000 ruble

Upon graduation, students receive a Russian Masters State Diploma in the field of "Advertising and Public Relations" and a degree of Master of Arts in Cultural Management from the University of Manchester, UK.

Admission Council:
+7 (495) 564-85-82

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