Начат прием заявок на международную конференцию Social Development in the Metropolis в Шанхае


Call for Papers

International Conference:

Social Development in the Metropolis

May 23 24, 2013, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

First Announcement

Dec. 2012

Conference Organizing committee:

The School of Sociology & Political Science, Shanghai University

Dear Colleagues

We, The Conference Organizing Committee of the School of Sociology & Political Science, Shanghai University, are preparing an international conference on Social Development in the Metropolis on May 23 through May 24, 2013 at Shanghai University.

This is the first announcement to call for papers for presentation and for participation.

We would like you to fill out the Registration Form attached below and send it back by e-mail by February 28 , 2013.

the Registration Form

1. Background

Whether interest is placed on the negative ecological impacts of inefficient urbanization or on the broader social, economic, and health costs of specific nature of settlements, considerable interest in the discourse on cities in the 21st century has been placed onthe development of mega cities and the forms of urban society. Greater social costs—including the social isolation of the elderly in suburbs and the enabling of highly segregated metropolitan areas, combined in some cases with the decline of urban cores, with the coupling of negative social and health outcomes due to the degradation of the natural and built environment and lack of basic amenities—have been associated with excessive urbanization in many countries.

This Conference aims to provide a platform where scholars from China, USA, Russia, Germany, Japan and Korea get together to share ideas and reflections on social development in mega cities in the world. To diversify the conference, we need to include more sociologists from mega cities all over the world. It would be our hope that more and more scholars, above all those in the younger generation, would participate in order to broaden and share their expertise about the region-wide metropolitan issues, build academic networks, and deepen mutual understanding.

The theme of this Conference is ‘Social Development in Metropolis in the Age of Globalization’. Regardless of continuing differences in political systems and cultural tradition among Shanghai, Houston, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong, exchanges between these cities have been deepened within frameworks of post-colonialism, the post-Cold War system shift, and globalization. Thus, the conference will include 5 sessions as follows:

?a?social surveys in mega cities

?b?empirical spatial analysis of urban processes

?c?urban migration and social cohesion in mega cities

?d?urban vulnerability and sustainable development

?e?aging and urban development

We would like to encourage your participation to present papers on the issues mentioned above. Nevertheless, we welcome papers on other themes. We will classify the papers received and also set up ‘open’ sessions and graduate student sessions after we receive applications.

2. Schedule

a) We are now planning the symposium schedule as follows:

May, 22 (Wed.), Arrival of overseas participants, Registration

May, 23, (Thu.), Opening Ceremony, Sessions

May, 24, (Fri.), Sessions

May, 25, (Sat.), Cultural Tour (optional) , departure

3. Language English

4. Deadlines

1. The deadline of participation registration is February 28, 2013. All participants are required to complete the Registration Form attached below and to send to The Symposium Organizing Committee, societyshu@163.com,yuanhao@shu.edu.cn

2. The presentation paper should be submitted by April 30, 2013.

5. Expenses and Financial Aid

1. The Conference Organizing Committee will cover expenses for lodging and meals for foreign participants and invited guest speakers. Information about the venue will be distributed later based on the number of accepted participants.

2. The Conference Organizing Committee will not, in principle, be able to cover travel expenses for any participants.Nevertheless we are considering subsidizing airfares of economy class for some categories of invited guests.

6. Contact

The Symposium Organizing Committee

President: Prof. Zhang, Wenhong

Dean of the School of Sociology & Political Science, Shanghai University

General Secretary: Dr. Yuan, Hao

Associate Professor of Sociology, Shanghai University

Email: societyshu@163.com, yuanhao@shu.edu.cn